• H.E. Justin Sun

SUN Self-Governance

Updated: Apr 21

Implementing the SUN redenomination and upgrade plan is a key step to realizing SUN self-governance and will surely go down in blockchain history as a milestone. Not only will it help restore SUN's true value, and boost the DeFi ecosystem, but it will also equip SUN.IO with many strengths SUN will witness a strong price momentum after its listing on a large number of leading digital asset exchanges.

SUN.IO is becoming one of the handful of critical go-to platforms in the crypto industry to mint stablecoin. SUN's market cap is severely underestimated. Justin SUN offers long-term mining rewards that are worth 5 billion SUN tokens. We're working tirelessly to provide better services for users, offer new products, and keep ourselves abreast of users' demands and market direction. Let's stay tuned for a splendid new SUN-Rise, and achieve more, together.



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