• H.E. Justin Sun

SUN Mining

Updated: Apr 21

SUN rewards will be further cut by 80%; the daily output will be 80% less than Genesis Mining, dropping from 129,000 per day to 25,000 per day.

A positive impact is expected from the SUN reduction. SUN supports WBTT/WIN/USDJ staking mining and LP mining pools. On SUN LP mining: the launch of WBTT/TRX LP, WIN/TRX LP, and USDJ/TRX LP mining will push up the demand for WBTT/JST/TRX, which will help boost the three markets. Man tipping and more flexible mining options — users may pledge SUN, JST, USDT, WBTT, or TRX to join in the mining, which paves the way for lending on SUN in the future.

Users already joined in mining can keep on mining with a single click upon the launch of the new pools. There is no need to withdraw tokens. Speaking head in silhouette.

Simply follow the steps on the official website and click "Continue Mining" to enjoy uninterrupted generous returns, which is three times higher than on Uniswap and Sushiswap.



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