• H.E. Justin Sun

An Open Letter to Anyone Who Cares to Read

Updated: Apr 26

I have devoted myself to being a responsible, global citizen throughout my entire life, spending significant portions of my personal and professional life to activities promoting universal values of respect, liberty, equality, and kindness.

TRON Foundation is based in Singapore and its contributors are dispersed around the world. I take pride in working with our global team of talented contributors and developers to build one of the greatest decentralized blockchain protocols, TRON, with the efforts of its global community, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity/race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other social or personal characteristics.

Since its launch in 2017, TRON’s decentralized community has accomplished more than I could have ever imagined possible: into one of the largest and most popular communities in the world. Millions of people have now participated in the TRON community and while there are definitely outliers, I have witnessed a community that has, by and large, grown and held itself to the highest standards of respecting diversity and individuality through a culture that cherishes fundamental human values freedom of speech, user privacy, intellectual property protection, kindness, a diversified working environment, and compliance with legal standards. In leading a team that is part of the TRON community, we are proud to have a globally collaborative team where we value our employees and their respective cultures. We work very hard to create a team atmosphere where freedom of speech and respect for individual values are of the utmost importance. We believe that the end matters, but so does the means through which we get there.

As a decentralized protocol, BitTorrent and TRON are both run by their global network of community members. Our team, while we continue to contribute to the ecosystem in various ways, has no more control over the application, data, and values moving on the protocol than any other user of these protocols. Yes, we continue to develop additional features and propose new updates to these protocols, yet just like any other user of BitTorrent for file-sharing or the use of TRON for decentralized applications, we have no control or discretion over what applications use the protocol, what data is transmitted, or how its community members use it. We are extremely proud that BitTorrent and TRON have collectively served 2 billion users around the world, including numerous enterprises, universities, and governments who have built their applications and stored and transferred their files using these protocols. These include many household names including Samsung, Blizzard Entertainment, Facebook, Twitter, and the UK government. Indeed, in 2019, BitTorrent was one of the largest protocols used around the world, accounting for 2.46% of downstream and 27.58% of upstream traffic of all Internet traffic worldwide.

There is no merit to the false claims and narratives by Lucasz Juraszek, Richard Hall, and Cong Li, who are our former employees. Our legal counsel has submitted all of the evidence to the court, and the dispute is currently pending in arbitration. We believe the decision will speak for itself.

I am heartened by the millions of users who employ them every day, and for the benefits that it provides to the community worldwide, and I strongly believe that the best is yet to come from the TRON and BitTorrent communities.

Link: https://medium.com/@BitTorrent/an-open-letter-to-anyone-who-cares-to-read-d068ee5a3ce3