• H.E. Justin Sun

A Rally Call for Cryptoism: The Ideology Built-up for Neo-globalism

Updated: Apr 21

Yesterday I happened to remind someone of my academic background in social science, history in particular. Then it occurred to me that there are some lessons from modern Chinese history that might be relevant to the regulatory battle Crypto as an industry is facing. From the last days of the Qing dynasty to the founding of PRC, each generation trumped the former with a more powerful ideology. Republicanism over the empire, nationalism over warlords, and eventually Max-Leninism over the KMT. The underlying theme is the continuous sense of progress.

The stronger ideology gets the morale and moral high ground as it is seen as being an ally with the future itself. Ideological weapons carry significance. The Nobel Peace Prize, for example, can shake up the political order of weak states.

Throughout the revolutionary struggles in history, the side with the stronger ideology can smash the other with defiance, even in the direst situation. Ideology justifies power. Crypto as an industry has already got wealth, popularity, and tech advancement, but lacks legitimacy facing the state crackdown.

Binance and Coinbase, have mostly been passively reacting to the regulators under the existing ideological framework set by the establishment. That is not how real revolutionaries fight. Real revolutionaries, like Napoleon France, would build up strong ideological fortresses while military activities serve as compliments. Ideas charge first, and the substances march accordingly. Additionally, the ideas are from the people’s practice, thus we as a community need to think hard to fulfill such Cryptosim. The past wave of Globalism benefits the elites the most, thus causing pushback from the nation-states. But globalism would move forward as a historical force.

Globalism was once anchored by physical trade, but this is no longer so in the coming digital age. The new free trade, as CPTPP itself does uphold, is the free flow of digital trade, which should be powered by Crypto. Thus Cryptoism would be the new reincarnation of Globalism. And such Cryptoism/renewed Globalism would certainly go beyond the restraints of nation-states, especially those incompetent “semi-states” as I previously tweeted. For the dismantled youth of those states, such a tech alternative would be the new “The Internationale.” As a real revolutionary would remark, “It is the people who create the history.”



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